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Some questions we answer

Would people buy my product ?

Sometimes simple is best. A yes/no question could be used here. We could also measure reaction times to get at (hidden) implicit attitudes.

What should I charge ?

Typically a line-scale can be used with people logging what they would pay through it. We have also developed a range of other techniques though, such as our Boxscale, which we recently found is more accurate than linescales.

Which demographic ?

Many options are available here, ranging from collecting data over several countries, to assessing basic demographic information such as sex and age and even socio-demographic status.

Compare brand image with competitors

One way of doing this is with an implicit task where we look to see how quickly people can respond to several different tasks that incorporate your and your competitors' logos.

Association tests

Is your packaging conveying the right message? We can find out by testing how various concepts readily link up with your packaging.

Finding the best brand logo

Graphics designers given you several options to chose between? You can find out in minutes which to use with our www.smartcrowd.io app.

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Our Pricing Plans

+we may advise that you collect data from more participants. We typically charge £1 for each additional participant.

*if you want us to test a novel issue, there will be a surcharge depending upon the amount of research we would need to conduct to properly conduct the study. This will be charged at our hourly rate for-startups of £100.



Designed for affordability, maximising 'bang for buck'

  • Design and creation of a standard online study
  • Payment of participants+
  • Powerpoint debrief including preliminary statistics and graphs
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Startups plus


Critical focused research from our core team

  • The research, design and creation of a non-standard study
  • Payment of participants+
  • Full range of modern statistics and graphing used to explore your question
  • In depth powerpoint debrief
  • 3 hours of support
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