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When you sink into debt, it is very difficult to find a direction, is not it? And it does not matter if you’re in the throes of unemployment, some surprise at the end of the month or even the lack of planning: you always have to think of some solution and get everything in order again. But how to do this?

It’s simple. Have you thought about renegotiating your debts? Just like you, your creditors also want your situation resolved. In this way, they can flexibly and tailor the values ​​of their debts to fit their budget.

But if you have not felt convinced that this is the best way to achieve stability and get back to good financial planning, here are a few more reasons to renegotiate your debt.

You will pay reduced interest

You will pay reduced interest

One of the biggest advantages of renegotiating your debt is that you can pay your debts with reduced interest. And, yes, this is also one of the big reasons that make this the best option to reorganize your debts and return to financial planning. By acquiring payable installments, you make adjustments to your essential expenses and other expenses to settle the amount of the outstanding debt without harming your budget and creating other debts.

Debt to grow

Although it still contains interest, renegotiation still offers the opportunity for you to no longer suffer from its growth. That, which once looked more like a seven-headed creature, can have the payment planned and done, so that you can get organized financially.

In addition, there is no risk of higher charges. When renegotiating, you and your lender will set a price and divide it into installments that fit in your pocket. Thereafter, no further value will be added. Except, of course, if you do not pay the installments on the right days.

Organization of all your debts

Organization of all your debts

In many cases, there is also the opportunity for you to be able to organize all your debts and join them into one. One of them is organized annually by Serasa Experian and can be checked here.

That way, you will be able to collect your debts and know the value that remains to be able to remove all of them. The tool provided by the company still gives you a chance to estimate your fixed and fixed debts, and then analyze how much of your budget remains to renegotiate the amounts that have already been exceeded. According to data from Serasa, the success of these cases is 80%.

Relief and a quieter life

Relief and a quieter life

At the end of the day, the biggest advantage of facing and renegotiating your debts is being able to breathe and sleep peacefully, and realize that dealing with money is simple if you control your spending. Knowing that financial planning can be restored, you can reorganize yourself and be able to think about other aspects of your life.

Do not let credit card bills, unpaid bills and those debts – which are often overlooked – get in the way of your personal life. It is always worth remembering that a good financial organization is the way for the projects of your life to work.

And, there, ready to take a step in search of your financial planning? Leave your answer in the comments below.




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