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If you want to take out a loan, you will first have to deal with the loan conditions. These loan conditions naturally state the conditions that tell you whether you are eligible for a loan or not. Each provider uses different loan conditions. To be able to make the right choice when choosing a loan, it is therefore important to know in advance whether you are eligible. Read the loan conditions of some of the lenders we selected in the article below.


Loan conditions of the providers

Loan conditions of the providers

Good credit providers

A true Good credit provider that we offer here. That is, because of the fact that you borrow a fairly low amount over a short period, it is not necessary to have a BKR registration. You are also eligible for a negative BKR registration. On the other hand, in order to be eligible for a Good loan at you must meet the following conditions:

  • You live in the Netherlands
  • You are older than 21 and younger than 70.
  • You must have more than 1000 euros per month income (excl. Student finance)
  • You may not receive benefits
  • you may not be a temporary worker
  • you may not be self-employed (self-employed / freelance, etc.)

Amount: 100 – 600 euros, 15 or 30 days.

For all conditions (disclaimer, general conditions, additional condition, consequences in the event of non-payment), look at our site.

Loan conditions 

Also a well-known lender for Good loans. Below you will find the conditions to qualify for a Good loan.

  • You are from the Netherlands
  • above 21 years and below 69 years
  • Net wage above € 1000 (excl. Study financing)
  • No beneficiary
  • No temporary workers
  • No Self-employed (self-employed / freelance, etc.)

Amount: 100 – 800 euros, 15, 30 or 45 days.

For all conditions (disclaimer, general conditions, additional condition, consequences in the event of non-payment).

Personal Lenders – revolving loans

Personal Lenders - revolving loans

Loan terms and conditions Good lender:

Good lender is the website of an intermediary focused on mediating and concluding consumer credit. To be eligible for a loan from, you must meet the following conditions:

  • DO NOT have a negative BKR registration
  • You are older than 25 years

If you compare these conditions with other lenders, it is already clear that they set slightly less conditions for borrowing money. Attention! The above conditions can therefore not be refuted. If you do not meet your requirements, you will not receive a loan.

Loan conditions Good Finance

Loan conditions Good Finance

Good Finance BV is an independent loan provider and a consumer credit broker registered with the AFM. Because Cooperates with many banks and financing companies, they are able to offer you as a consumer the cheapest loan possible on very favorable terms.

With the Credit Competitor you can borrow money at very attractive rates. Credit Competitor is one of the cheapest loan providers at the moment. This way you can borrow money from 4.9%! It is also possible with the Credit Competitor to get a customized loan. This way it is already possible to borrow a small amount of your choice. You must, of course, meet certain loan conditions in order to be eligible for a loan.

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